Laser Cutting technology has become one of the most exciting innovations in manufacturing to provide the fastest machining technology in the world.

A.I.M. utilizes the most advanced laser cutting machine tools in our factory.

A.I.M. can make a world of difference ensuring we meet our customer's production quality and delivery needs.

When you choose a manufacturing partner, you also need to have the support team to help ensure they keep the production line going.

A.I.M. has you covered. All of our manufactured parts are 100% guaranteed to meet your specified production and machining specifications. You will have 100% confidence in partnering with a supplier like A.I.M..


As the world manufacturers continue to look for quality suppliers, A.I.M. knows what it takes to meet customer production goals.

A.I.M. is committed to delivering our customers manufactured parts utilizing the most advanced laser cutting technology to expedite the quality parts our customers expect.



  • 40" Wide Flange

  • 40 Ton Capacity

  • 24"Wide flange on 1/4" steel

  • 40" Wide flange on 1/8" steel

  • Any Size Radius

A.I.M. has a saying, " We A.I.M. to deliver the quality parts you expect and deserve. There is no problem an engineer will not solve."

If you need a team of experienced engineers who understand how to manufacture your parts with the best quality, fastest delivery at the most competitive price and knows how the world works and how to make it work for you, we are here to help.



Press Brake Specialist

Advanced Innovative Manufacturing

A.I.M. can take the laser blanks, bend and shape them with one of the fastest and most accurate Press Brakes in the world today

A.I.M.'s press brakes will provide the fastest delivery and your parts will  be ready for your fabrication, production and assembly needs.

Welding Equipment

A.I.M. utilizes Lincoln Electric MIG 350 to cover your welding needs

3030 Fiber Laser



Laser Cutting Specialist

​​Advanced Innovative Manufacturing

A.I.M. offers the latest state of the art laser cutting that can achieve cutting spreads over 2,000 inches per minute.

We have seen incremental advances over the years and now A.I.M. can offer the most 

Advanced & Innovative Manufacturing

Technology available in the world today.

7036 Press Brake

Services Overview

A.I.M. is ready to help you meet your production and delivery goals. Our managing partners have been in business to witness the manufacturing industries technologies increasingly rapid developments. We can take a complicated part and provide simple, manufacturing solutions. If you bring us a part to be manufactured, our engineers will provide you with an efficient and cost savings solution to help you achieve your manufacturing and production goal.

A.I.M. has a diversified customer base and manufactures parts for the following types of industries: automotive, aerospace, food industry, locomotive, trucking, transportation, communication, retail, military, agriculture, construction, excavating equipment, electronic components & consumer goods.

A.I.M.                                                             ISO 9001 : 2015


Advanced Innovative Manufacturing, Inc.

Laser Cutting Services & More for Aurora, OH

Serving Cleveland and Northeast OH


  • .750 Steel

  • .500 Stainless

  • .500 Aluminum

  • .250 Brass

  • .250 Copper


  • Cut & Etch